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We know just how tiresome and difficult it is to find real deer antlers. You can roll the dice and try your luck finding shed deer antlers in the wild, but many times you will come out empty-handed. Unfortunately, it's pretty difficult to find them for sale in stores as well, since major department stores don't carry them. Thankfully, though, we make finding and buying deer antlers a quick and simple process by connecting you with sellers from all over the country.

Deer Antler Uses

Deer Antler Chandelier

Deer Antler Chandelier

People use deer antlers for a number of reasons. If you're a hunter, you might use them as deer calls by rattling two antlers together. This creates the sound of two bucks butting antlers together, which oftentimes sparks curiosity from nearby deer. But, antlers are also used for a variety of crafts and activities, many of which you are probably unaware of.

Many people use antlers to craft together various items, such as chandeliers. In fact, deer antler chandeliers are one of the most popular antler items sold to date. Chances are you've probably seen a deer antler chandelier somewhere either in a cabin, store, magazine, or on T.V. Antlers are great for making chandeliers because of their durability and unique style. There's simply no substitute when it comes to real deer antler chandeliers.

Of course there are a number of other items you can craft with deer antlers. You see, deer antlers are actually made of bone-material. This makes them durable and helps prevent them from breaking easily, making them the perfect tool for crafting. Some other popular deer antler items you can find for sale include deer antler pens, canes, letter openers, lamps, and many more. Do you have a dog that loves to chew? Well, maybe you should try giving your canine companion a deer antler chew. That's right, deer antlers even make great dog chews. Antlers are all-natural, full of vitamins and minerals, and doesn't splinter when chewed on. It doesn't get better than that if you're dog!

You can use deer antlers for an endless number of crafts and activities, from using them as deer calls to constructing elaborate chandeliers. Their durability and uniqueness make them appealing for many tasks.

Deer Antler Shed

Deer Antler Shed

Why Do Deer Shed Their Antlers?

Simply put, male deer shed their antlers for the purpose of growing new ones. This cycle happens once every year for them. Most species of deer will begin to shed their antlers in late winter to early spring (varies depending on location).

Shedding their antlers usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks to complete. After they've shed their antlers, they will start the regrowth process by growing blood vessels known as "velvet" around the antlers, which fills them with needed vitamins and minerals during the growth. The antler regrowth process happens a bit slower, taking place over the summer, and usually lasting 3 to 5 months.

Finding Shed Deer Antlers

Deer antlers are a great prize to come across in the woods of your favorite hunting grounds. If you're thinking about going hunting for shed deer antlers, here are some tips that have helped me be successful throughout the years:

  • The best time to find shed deer antlers is from late winter to early spring.
  • Deer usually shed the left and right side of their antlers at the same time. So if you find one side of the antlers, search nearby for the other side.
  • Many antler hunters use dogs to help them find sheds. Labrador Retrievers are popular shed finding dogs, and if trained right, can find more than with the human eye alone.
  • The size of the sheds will give you some idea of the size of deer in that area.
  • Take a storage container along with you to collect the deer antler sheds. Something as simple as a backpack or small duffel bag is perfect for storing any antlers you come across.

Fun Deer Antler Facts

Deer Antlers

Whitetail Deer Antlers

  • Typically, a male deers antlers grow larger after each shed.
  • Antlers can be used in a variety of art s, crafts, and furniture.
  • Deer antlers grow faster than any other formations in the animal kingdom.
  • Deer are in their top physical strength when they shed their antlers in the winter.
  • During their first year, a male whitetail deer (buck) will grow two small antlers, which are known as "spikes". As he grows older, his antlers will grow larger and begin to spider out.
  • Both male and female caribou have antlers. In other deer species, only the males grow them.
  • People have used the "velvet" which forms over a deers antlers during the regrowth process for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.
  • Antlers have unique markings that are unlike any others on the tip where they break off during the shedding process.

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