Deer Antler Videos

This is a video of a hunter stumbling across a nice pair of deer antler sheds. The great thing is he found them right next to each other. This guys got some good luck!

Scoring deer antlers isn't quite as simple as counting the tips. If you want to find out what goes into it, watch this video. Who knows, maybe that set of antlers you thought was small is really a monster in points.

Have you ever seen a deer come up to your house? Well this lucky guy gets the chance to watch a pretty good sized mule deer come to his window. Be sure to check out the velvet antlers on him.

For some people shed hunting just comes naturally. Watch this video of guy finding a nice shed antler on Decosmos Mountain.

Vancouver Island is definitely a hot spot for finding deer antlers. Just look at all the antlers found on this shed hunt.