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Using Deer Antlers To Achieve a Rustic Home Decor

There’s nothing like the timeless, classic look offered by rustic decor. Whether you are looking to spruce up the interior of a game room, cabin, living room or just your bedroom, you simply can’t go wrong with this type of decor. It’s one of the few decor styles that incorporates a wide variety of natural […]

Understanding Deer Antler Growth and Development

Ever wonder how deer antlers grow and develop into large, full-sized racks? Some people are surprised to hear that male deer (bucks) shed their antlers on a yearly basis so they may regrew new, larger ones before the rut. This means that no matter how large a buck’s antlers are, it still only took less […]

3 of The Most Unusual Deer Antler Items and Products

It’s no secret that deer antlers are highly versatile and useful for constructing a variety of different items. After drying out, antlers are stronger than bone, making them perfect to use for certain crafts and projects. Along with their attractive appearance that’s similar to hardwood, you simply can’t go wrong with deer antlers. After browsing […]

Simple Ways To Safely Store Deer Antlers

Do you have more deer antlers than you know what to do with? Because of their somewhat “inconvenient” shape and size, antlers are oftentimes difficult to store. Whether they are full racks or single sheds, storing them can prove to be a challenge. And if it’s not done right, you risk damaging or even destroying […]

Deer Antler Valuation and Pricing

Understanding the basics of deer antler valuation and pricing is important if you plan on either buying or selling antlers. To get the best deal possible (in your favor of course), you must must know how to accurately price them; otherwise, you could end up leaving money on the table. The problem in doing so […]

How To Score Deer Antlers

Are you still scratching your head trying to figure out how to score your deer antlers? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as counting the points and calling it a day. In order for your antler racks to compete with others for state records, they must be officially scored using a recognized method. These scoring methods […]

Deer Antler Velvet Facts and Information

During the early stages of antler development, a soft layer of velvet-like tissue covers the antlers to provide them with extra nutrients and blood flow which stimulate growth. This process happens annually for all male deer species (female caribou as well) after they’ve shed their old antlers and began growing new ones. Once the antlers […]

Difference Between Antlers and Horns

Ever wonder what the difference is between antlers and horns? Many people automatically assume they are the same, but unfortunately nature is a bit more complicated than this. While antlers and horns may appear similar to the naked eye, they are two completely different formations in nature with their own unique features and characteristics. Let’s […]

Deer Antler Parts and Terminology

Deer antlers are quite complex, which is why hunters developed specific terms to refer to the different parts of an antler. While you might know some of the terms like points or tines, chances are you haven’t heard of all of them. By familiarizing yourself with the terminology of deer antlers, you’ll be able to […]

How To Make a Deer Antler Rattler

Most seasoned hunters will agree that nothing attracts deer more than the sound of an authentic antler rattler. With this otherwise simple tool at your disposal, you can produce the sound of two bucks butting antlers together during the rut, which is almost certain to spark the curiosity of nearby deer. While you can save […]